Friday, February 1, 2019

Why Choose Wine Over Beer? Here Are The Many Reasons

Wine and Beer are two of the most popular types of alcoholic beverages around. Both can be delicious. Is there really a difference? Here are some reasons why wine is better than beer.

Health Reasons

Drinking beer that isn't light definitely will give you a beer gut, which just isn't a good look. Red wine has been scientifically proven to lower the risks of heart disease. French people, who drink red wine feverishly, have a much lower rate of heart disease than Americans. Red wine is just better for your health.

If you drink 1 standard six-ounce cup of wine each night for the week, that comes out to about 1260 calories. Drinking 1 bar pint of ale every night for a week comes out to 1500 calories. Wine is what is needed to win the battle of the bulge every single time. And if you're on a tight budget, you can always give one of these affordable wine clubs a go.

Want to know how much healthier it is to drink wine compared to beer or other spirits? Wine drinkers have a 34 percent lower mortality rate than drinkers of all other alcoholic beverages. Wine could be what saves your life someday. Time to pour a glass.

Wine Can Be Cheaper

While there are really pricey bottles of wine, there are many delicious bottles of wine that sell between 5 to ten dollars. This is cheaper than a 12 pack for most of the popular brands of beer. Why choose wine over beer? You can save money.

Let's face it even a 12 pack of a popular beer brand costs about one dollar per beer. You can get two good 6 dollar bottles of delicious wine for that price. Factor in that wine is healthier, and won't leave you with a gut in the morning, and the decision is clear.

Wine Leads To Romance

Unless you are Casanova, it's hard to impress a romantic partner with a six pack of beer. Beer is more likely to lead to your partner passed out on the couch, than a night to remember of romance and passion. Mix it up on your next date night, and bring over sparkling wine, or a nice Pinot Noir. Wine makes people happier too, so your partner should be laughing and charmed by your impeccable selection. And if you happen to be up in Napa Valley, be sure to read up on which of the Napa Valley wineries truly are the best.

Wine Ages To Perfection

When you buy a bottle of wine, there is no need to drink it that night. You can store the bottle in your wine cellar for years, and the wine will actually taste better the longer it sits on the shelf. The reason is that wine contains tannins. Tannins at a young age may taste a bit bitter, as they are a natural chemical that comes from grapes.

As the tannins mature from the wine being stored in a cool dark cool place, the chemicals from the tannins make the wine taste more smooth and delicious. Beer does not have that attribute and will get skunky if not drunk when it is fresh. Dumping bad beer down the sink is never a fun thing to do.

Wine Tastes Delicious

Wine is an experience, not just a drink. Most wines over 5 dollars taste very delicious. Can you say the same for beer? Even if you find that perfect beer at There is a reason bitter beer face is a common term.

Wine is so smooth and tasty. There are many different kinds of wines for the pallet to taste. Wine just has so many varieties, and tastes amazing!

Why choose wine over beer? The reasons are clear. Wine is better for you, can be cheaper, ages to perfection is more romantic, and simply tastes better. If you have always been a beer person, it's time to give wine a try.

You will feel better and look better in your clothes when you drink wine. A lower mortality rate of 34 percent, lower risk of heart disease, and fewer calories on the average are fantastic reasons to uncork a bottle.

Why choose wine over beer? Take a bottle of wine for dinner with your partner, and see where the evening takes you. At the very least, you and your partner will not have that beer gut when you wake up. It's time to give wine a real try.

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